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The kitten in a boarding school – The story

Candy was born in a boarding school two other siblings. Sadly the three of them did not turn out to be very healthy and so were unfortunately on the mother’s hit list. The mother managed to incapacitate her two siblings within two to three days of their birth. Luckily we were able to get Candy out of her imminent death and gave her sanctuary in our dorm rooms.

If you are wondering why the name doesn’t really match her appearance, her name stuck that way because when she was born she had almost no hair and she had exposed pink skin bringing to mind pink cotton candy, not to mention she was very cute too.

At first she wouldn’t be able to stand on all fours properly and would often shake probably because she was weak. We all being very new at this, didn’t know what we were up against. How are we even supposed to know what it wants and needs, and when?

We figured that we had to find a way to feed the poor thing lest it starved to death. We found one of those medicine droppers that were small and mouth sized for the cat. It seemed to do the trick. For the next few weeks, it would feed on milk, sit in a cardboard box loaded with old clothes, until it was able to move about without any problem.

After that, the rate at which that cat grew in size was mind-boggling, and soon enough the cat was running, jumping, and pretty much making friends with the plants in the nearby garden.

Candy still lives there even though we left for our year end vacations and continues to enjoy her life to the fullest.



I am a friendly person with a helping nature. I am a huge fan of robotics and wish to pursue this in the future. For now I plan to ace my 10th grade and keep writing new blogs

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