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Travel Pointers

Hey guys Im back with some new tips for you. This time I have come up with travel tips. When you are in a new country, it’s best to think like a local. Drop tourist guides and take time to explore!

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  • Move around in the available public transportation. Most cities have buses and taxis, but some developed cities like Singapore have great metro rain connectivity. You can get anywhere in no time.
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  • Go walking. It’s a great way to explore any place up close. Walk through local markets. It’s a great way to understand the people, what they eat, what they wear, and so forth. Talking to shopkeepers are fun as well as enlightening.
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  • Don’t be afraid to try local cuisine no matter how new you are to it. It’s quite possible that you won’t like it but you may also do too and want to add to your menu back home.
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  • Go street market shopping. Learn to bargain. You may sometimes end up getting quite surprised.

Well, that’s it. Make new friends. Stop doing what everyone does. While it’s quite useful to research on travelogues, do your own thing too.


I am 12 years old and love public speaking ,dancing & I enjoy listening and singing songs.

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