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From The Archives: Allergies to Chores

Robbie Yates

Dear Mom, I have some information that is rather grave.
I got it in a very urgent call.
The hospital laboratory said I must be brave,
In order to avoid demise and pall.

The doctor on the line said, “I have never seen a list
Of symptoms and of woes as bad as yours.”
I’ll save you all the details Mom, I’ll tell you just the gist:
He said that I’ve got allergies. To chores.

“No dishes,” he commanded. “And no laundry,” he prescribed.
I’m sure you’ll see that this affliction stinks.
“No vacuuming,” I promised. “And no mops,” I sadly sighed.
“No cleaning up of toilets or of sinks.”

I know the outlook’s dreadful, now whatever shall we do?
I’ll miss the mowing; polishing; the broom.
I ‘spose that’s it for me, Mom. Since I’m feeling extra blue,
You’ll find me watching TV in my room.


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From The Archives: Mess Fairies

Robbie Yates

Mess Fairies

Now something kids like you and I are told when we are young
Is that after we have lost one of our teeth,
We put it in our bed, we put our pillow down on top,
And a Fairy takes it out from underneath.

Because we know the Tooth Fairy is nice (she leaves us cash),
We come to think that all Fairies are kind,
But Mums and Dads don’t let us know that some of them are bad:
They leave a mess—not shiny coins—behind.

We’ve all collapsed in bed and left our bedrooms spick and span
But woken up with toys all strewn about.
We’ve put our clothes away and tucked our socks and shirts in drawers,
But when we wake up, all of them are out!

At first, I thought perhaps I had just dreamed I’d tidied up.
I sighed but once more cleaned and swept and packed.

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“One Day I Decided I Wanted to Draw Comics”

julian peters comics

Again from Yerp Magazine‘s second anniversary special issue from 1989, here is a comic I drew at age 10 recounting the moment I announced to my parents that I wanted to become a comics artist. For the record, neither of my parents ever expressed any desire that I become a lawyer. I had a weird sense of humour (back then).

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5 affordable life hacks

Do you have clothes falling off your shelves? do you hate packing your suitcase? Samagna is here to your rescue once again!

Do check her blog to see the complete hack.


1. How not to have a messy wardrobe

Isn’t it easy?

2. How not to overpack

It’s simple!

And so on…

It should look somewhat like this to find a dress easily

Label the stack of dresses


Keep them in boxes

4. Transforming a pant in to a top

Cut through the middle of the pant

Put your head through the hole!

5. Have a black or white headwear which suites on any dress!!

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A beautiful place set in the border of Asia is Armenia. A former soviet Republic and an appealing tourism-promotional country. Wool was an often used material because of  the extreme conditions of weather in the winter. While, cotton were used in summer. Cotton plants were planted in the fertile soil of the valleys. Silk exported from China by the Silk route which crosses through was used by the Royal families of Armenia.

The traditional dress of Armenia is embroidered with golden lace, and stitched with white silk.




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Homemade honey-sugar scrub

Sam to your rescue if you’ve got the horrid pimples!


This scrub takes out all the nasty dead cells from your face…. Also say bye bye to all your stubborn pimples.


  • Sugar
  • Honey


  1. Add two tsp of sugar
  2. Mix 1/2 tsp of honey
  3. Store your scrub in a glass container
  4. Do not store your scrub in a damp or a very hot place

You are ready to use your face scrub❣️

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Some magic from Sam!


This oil instantly increases the growth of your hair. What is the magic here?. Only girls understand! It makes your hair tangle free and shiny. So now it’s time to tell- wave good bye to your frizzy hair.


  • Shallots
  • Aloevera
  • Curry leaves
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Lemon
  • Gooseberry
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Olive oil


  1. Chop all dry ingredients
  2. Blend only dry ingredients
  3. Boil all ingredients
  4. Your magic oil is ready to be used!!

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Magic oil