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Smile Away

‘Smile a day keeps the darkness away’. Smiling is so important our life yet it is avoided by quite a few people engaged with a lot of work. It may be students or adults . We all tend to forget why we smile. So let me remind you.

Scientists have discovered that a simple smile can change a persons mental health. Smiling on purpose can change anyone’s mood.It can also help a person going under depression or anxiety feel better. Here are some benefits

1 Improve Mood: Helps you feel happy when you are feeling blue. So let your closest friends and family console you and bring that smile back on your lovely faces.

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2 Low Blood Pressure: Smiling and laughing a lot, apparently help lower your blood pressure, which is good news for your heart health.

3 Stress relief: Did you know that smiling more often helps your body deal with stressful situations more effectively?ย So smile whether you feel happy or not. It helps๐Ÿ˜.

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4 Immune System: Believe it or not, laughter (which often begins with a smile) appears to help boost your bodyโ€™s immune let us all make ourselves slightly more stronger by smiling each day.

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Better Relationships: Creates a positive impression on teachers, friends, family and so on. As I said it will surely create a positive impact, helping you to make good friends and good first day impressions on teachers.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more and don’t stop smiling and if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!

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5 things to do during vacation

Learn a new skill

A short course , a summer camp, or learning cooking from mom; a skill to enhance your personality. Enjoy your constructive use of time.

Get to know people

You may not have time during regular days to walk up to the nearby hawker, or postoffice or temple priest for a chat. Getting to know people is a cool way to belong to a place, to leave it and then feel like you are home when you return.

Explore an unfamiliar place

Get your mind working, by navigating through an unfamiliar place with maps or by asking for directions.

Take up a project

Take up a new project or work on an old one but tinkering , breaking apart and building something on your own. This can be worth more than classroom learning

Visit the elderly in your family

Put a smile on some frail and wrinkled faces. They can be absolutely beautiful to witness. Enquire after their health and tell them some ‘new world’ stories. Help them bridge the gap between new and old.

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Hey guys i’m back this month with more summer tips. Lets see what we have.

1. Lifestyle Conversion: I know we tend to freak out a little listening to these two words “lifestyle conversion” but I am not asking much from you.

  • start with your workout schedule for whom who don’t have a proper plan start with 7min then increase if you wish.
  • go for a morning walk with a friend (if you want) and refresh your mind from all the stressful thing you in your daily routine.
  • spend time outdoors with nature

2 See a doctor: There are chances of having annoying pains from fluctuations in climate. In this case seeing a doctor is very important so that these annoying pains donโ€™t ruin your fun.

3 Stay shady: Some like the summer heat, some donโ€™t but we love the trip to beach. Even then it is important to stay in the shade since UV Rays are at its maximum during 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We all know not many people get early just to go to the beach! And going after 4 will be too late. Lets review some basic precautions: –

  • Use sunscreen
  • Wear sunglass
  • Use a hat

4 Plan a personal vacation: Now this is going to be fun. This is important since we are all very busy with our hectic lives. It will relax your mind and body. Go for a long weekend, maybe nice beach trip, a memorable reunion with friends/family or have a soothing coffee while reading a book.

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5 Disconnect: That may be just the weirdest tips because I want you to see our blog. Asking to turn away from your gadgets may seem confusing but all Iโ€™m asking is you to make a good balanced decision probably after seeing my post.

So take my word, step away from the digital world and enjoy your summer vacation.