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Guess who?

An inspiring sixteen year old songwriter and rapper.

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Little Red Riding

There was a girl called Red Riding,   

who kept hiding from the big bad wolf.

From bush to bush she kept gliding,   

while eating her muffin half.  

One day she went to the forest,

to nature’s wild garden.

Filled with “soulful and purest creatures”,      

I’m sure you realised that was a burden.       

With care she plucked flowers for granny, 

As she was sick. 

Thinking it would make her a happy,  

Real quick.

When she reached she was shocked to see,

Her granny with the wolf, having tea !         

– Lakshmi Sujesh Nair, Grade 9

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This piece of art is a Dreamcatcher . Dreamcatcher , it is obvious from the name that it helps in catching dreams . Now ,what kind of dreams ? is the actual question . Originated from the Ojibwe/Chippewa (in Canada) in the early 1900’s, it is a type of apotropaic/protective charms , created for the purpose of catching bad dreams and letting in the good dreams.

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Review: Super Eraser

Little Banyan Tree Kids

One boring Christmas morning, I opened up my gift.
With just one present left under the tree,
I once again grew solemn, and sad that we were poor.
Why were there never lovely gifts for me?

My gift was just a ruler, two pencils and two pens,
A small eraser and a pencil case.
My mom, who worked long hours, just wrapped me in her arms,
When she saw disappointment on my face.

“I’m sorry, Spud, I’m sorry. I wish we could have more,
But things have been a little tight this year.”
She held my arms so gently, a twinkle in her eye,
Then leaned back in and whispered in my ear:

“I think that the eraser, while looking fairly plain,
Is quite a bit more special than you think.
I won it in a raffle. It’s cutting-edge and smart.
It rubs out more than pencil lines and ink.”

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Is Social media 😈 ?

Little Banyan Tree Kids

This post is dedicated to few of my old friends who had trouble with social media.

Social Media

Some of you may think that“what’s up with this title !”. I am not saying that social media is evil, but the way we use it causes trouble. Today I’m expressing my point of view on this topic.

Social media’s a brilliant innovation to our society. It has a dark side, but it’s normal that all things have a darker side. What’s important is how to control or use it.

Social Media has a lot of positives and negatives. Lets start with some of the positives of social media.

  • Communicate to your loved ones and friends.
  • Can connect to people who lives far away.
  • Helps in expanding business.
  • Easier to extract information.
  • Spread in Ads and peaceful messages and more.

Now the negative of Social Media

  • Have a poor mental…

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