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Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Recognize this blue bird? No it’s not the ‘Blu’ from Rio. The beautiful blue bird you see in the film is now unfortunately extinct. That was a Spix’s Macaw. The one in the picture here is just as beautiful. The royal blue Hyacinth Macaw is the largest bird of the parrot family. From the top of it’s head to the tip of it’s long lustrous tail, it would measure as tall as an average four year old child. It’s native to South America and and if not given dedicated care it will quickly disappear from the face of our plane. Perhaps that’s why it is more likely to be seen in zoos than in the wild.

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore is home to various such fascinating birds. Visiting there would certainly worth every penny you spend at the entrance ticket counter( $20 per adult).

Jurong Bird Park has a tram ride for a quick overview of the park but the real fun is to trek through the carefully created habitat for the birds. On a lighter note, you can even dig some dirt to find fossils for a photo op!


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