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I made this piece of craft with quilling paper. This is known as Yin and Yang , a Chinese symbol originated in 3rd century B.C(or even before), which has its roots in Taoism. YIN is the black side with a white dot and YANG is the white side with a black dot in it .In Chinese philosophy , it has many meanings ,one of which is the concept of balancing bad and good .YIN is the dark/bad side and YANG is the bright/good side. This symbol simply shows us the balance of bad and good in everything ,i.e, bad always has good in it and good always has bad in it ,and they are dependent on each other(two sides of the same coin). In YIN lies YANG and in YANG lies YIN. This symbol altogether represents life.

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This box was originally a keychain holder, later I thought of making something creative out of it . What I did was:

STEP 1: I first took a sheet of Thermocol and cut it into the shape of the keychain.

STEP 2: I painted the inner part of the box with glitter glue so that it looks more contrasting.

STEP 3: Later I stuck craft paper on both side of the thermocol shape I cut out and used sketch pens to outline the shape into to kinds of dolls, the first one being a Japanese version(in the picture) and the second one as an Indian version .

STEP 4: Lastly to secure all this in place I stuck clear tape on both the sides and cut out the excess.

And that is how I converted something boring into something more creative and decorative ,which all of you can try especially while getting bored.

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This piece of art is a Dreamcatcher . Dreamcatcher , it is obvious from the name that it helps in catching dreams . Now ,what kind of dreams ? is the actual question . Originated from the Ojibwe/Chippewa (in Canada) in the early 1900’s, it is a type of apotropaic/protective charms , created for the purpose of catching bad dreams and letting in the good dreams.