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Bad School Day

A bad day is what might occur in any regular student’s life. This is a story about a little girl named Mia who was in grade 7, and it was time for her to experience the worst school day of her life.  

It was a normal day and everything was great. All the teachers appreciated her and all the popular girls who normally ignore her started talking, playing and cracking jokes with her all day. She felt like the most popular girl/princess of the day…,” MIA! MIA! MIAAAAAA! WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD! SPLASH!”…”What? I’m up I’m up”.

When she got up she was drenched as if it rained right above her. “What happened? Was that a dream? Oh, I wish my day went like that.”  She checked the time, it was 7:40 am!

She got ready quickly and went to school but she was still sleepy. Extremely sleepy! She ran up to her class and math was the first class. She kept falling asleep but forced herself to stay awake. After having breakfast everything was normal until her French lesson. She just had realized that she had forgotten her folder at home. Unfortunately, the teacher wasn’t in his best moods.


“As soon as she entered the class, there was a loud command, “ Shania collect all work done in lesson number 8”. That gave her the shock of her life. She kept thinking, “What should I do? I don’t have it.”

She finally decided to say the truth. French master didn’t say a thing and that confused her b a feut only for a few seconds. Then the expected happened. He yelled, “GET OUT OF MY CLASS! DON’T ENTER THE FRENCH ROOM WITHOUT YOUR WORK!” He scolded her the most from among all the sad faces in the room. She sobbed and sobbed. Seeing this, he threw her books out, sent her away and the rest of the class who didn’t have their work to the Principal’s office. This was the worst day and it had only begun…trrrrrrrrrring trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring, she sat up and realized that it was all just a dream.