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Head And Neck Movements In Bharatanatyam

Bharatnatyam is a classical art form that originates from Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

Bharatnatyam is a very popular dance form in India and is appreciated worldwide. It is not uncommon to find a girl in every household in south India who is either learning this form of dance or has at least considered learning it.

While my sister and I also have been learning Bharatnatyam as are many of my friends, it is only recently that I came to understand that every movement in Bharatnatyam is part of abhinaya. 

At first, for me, the steps I had been learning was nothing more than some random aerobic exercise. However, everything changed when a little cousin of mine asked me the difference between Shirobheda( head movements) and Dreevabheda( neck movements). Doesn’t the neck move when the head is moving and isn’t the head also moving when the neck is? why then the two categories?

Well, in Shirobheda, the neck movements are pretty much not very different from our regular use as in our daily life. The emphasis remains on what the head has to do. However, in Greevabheda, stress falls on the neck muscles and therefore becomes the focus of attention.


Shiras in Sanskrit means the head. The category of movements by the head is called Shirobheda in Bharatnatyam.

Shirobhedas are classified into the nine types of head movements used to indicate specific abhinaya.

Manju Warrier in Ennum Epozhum
  1. Sama: The head is kept straight. At the beginning of a dance, the dancer keeps her head in Sama.
  2. Udvahitam : Head lifted upwards
  3. Adhomukha: Head lowered down
  4. Alolitam: The circular Movement of the head
  5. Dhutam: Right to left movement of the head
  6. Kampitam: Up and down movement of the head
  7. Paravrittam: A strong jerking movement towards the right or left
  8. Ukshiptam: Head tilted upwards as when the dancer holds a thinking posture.
  9. Parivahittam: Quick small shakes of the head.


Sama udvahitam adhomukha-lolitam Dhutam
kampitam cha paravrittam ukshiptam parivahitam
navdhakathitam shirasa natyashastra visharadaihi.


The neck movements are also as greeva bheda.


1. Sundari: Here the neck is moved from side to side. It is also called as Attami.


2. Tirashchina: V-shaped movements


3. Prarivartita: The Semicircular or moonlike shaped movement of the head.


4. Prakampita: forward and backward movement of the head like a dove.


β€œSundari cha Tirashchina tathaiva Parivartita

Prakampita cha bhavagnair gneya greeva chaturvidha”C

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Who is that? – Cat photography

“Who is that? “asked Blah Cat and looked up as he lay on the roof for a snooze.

He saw a little girl in a window nearby holding a small rectangular thing in her hands. She just stood there and made sounds with it and had no sense whatsoever to respond to his question.

“Hmm lousy human little thing! If only she would go away and let us in peace” ponderedΒ  Smarty Cat.


“HMMMM….Will have to keep an eye on her!”

Almost that very moment she turned the object in her hands around and waved it with photos of them on it.

“Oh how were we supposed to know anything about pictures taken?” exclaimed Smarty. He got all ready in a handsome pose but the girl turned her head right then and walked away.

Smarty could not believe how stupid the girl was. She had to go when he was about to give her one of the best cat photos she could have ever got!

But then the girl returned with a smile and click! click ! click!


cat 3

Purrr….What a sweet girl ! Mr Smarty Cat and Mr Blah Cat had quite under-estimated the little girl for she had only left to get them some afternoon treats.

cat 2

(A real life incident involving Ananya and the cats on the roof)

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Holidays with colours


Contributed by Parvathi Mohan Menon, grade 7, Bhavan’s Adarsh Vidyalaya, Ernakulam.



Wall Art : Textured dabbing of acrylic paints on cardboard

Ani wall art

Contributed by Anandita, grade 5, SBOA school & Junior College, Chennai.

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It’s Mihika!

Holidays? Stretch yourself and sprawl over the floor. Then get some pencils and sketch pens and have a great time drawing just as I have ! Quite nice for a 9 year old ?


IMG_3823 2

Well, if anyone out there thinks I have done something really worthwhile, should I say this or what? Please do Like and Share?

Mihika, 9yrs, grade 4. She likes to call herself ‘ a great explorer’. She is an active, creative and curious person. She loves reading, dancing, drawing and painting. Her most recent inclination is towards music.

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Hi, I’m Pavithra.

I am going to give you tips on how to make a simple card.

We need a 24*24 cm sheet of coloured paper.


Measure and draw 6 and 18 cm borders.


Draw a semi- circle with a CD on each side.


Start cutting along the semi- circle lines.


Once you have finished cutting, hold a scale alongside the earlier drawn border lines and fold the semi- circle edges.


Voila! Now you are done! You can write any kind of greeting or wishes inside.



Pavithra is a grade 8 student at ISWK, Oman. She loves craftwork and is committed to spreading her enthusiasm for the same.