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Plastic Torture

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It is shocking that the fact that we don’t realize the amount of plastic we use and the all forms of plastic.Plastic is part of our daily necessities but don’t realize at times it can harm other species just like us very badly.I wish we all could live in peace in a beautiful world without plastic.Why don’t you give me the answer to that in the comets section below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป. To read more click here.

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It’s extremely important to know how to use any electronic device especially computers, because this could make a big effect on the environment also. These effects can be both good or bad depending on how responsible we are with are electronics.

  • Scheduling Your Computer Time

Reduces C.F.C’s and eye damage.

  • Controlling Your Computer Expenses

Saves money

  • Switching off the device completely when not in use

Reduces energy drainage and C.F.C’s.

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‘Shut up and save the world or we are all chicken toast’. As we all know, global warming is the biggest threat out there. People might ask, what about discrimination or terrorist attacks and so on, but for me, if global warming grows any worse than this we are all history, and I mean not only humans but also thousands and millions of innocent creatures all over this magnificent world.

I hate to see small children live in fear because of us, only us. How ironic it is when people say, that we have come up with the best technology to make life easier for people but they are actually making it worse every minute. We really have to wake up from this virtual world we live in and try as hard as possible to save reality. If we don’t, all of us can kiss our dreams and plans, goodbye.

I fail to understand why people wait when the facts and the solutions are right in front of you. All we need to do is ACT! If we start now we still have hope. There are ozone holes but it can be repaired. In the first place, the CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons coming from the refrigerator and air conditioners we use every day are responsible for causing ozone holes.

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Another reason for global warming is the massive increase in carbon dioxide. Normally we have this thin layer of carbon-dioxide that allows the unnecessary rays to leave the atmosphere and traps the needed rays keeping it warm not hot. Now since we have started the unforgivable act of deforestation reducing the number of plants, there is nothing to reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, keeping the world in balance.

So, all we need to do is plant more trees, try to reduce the usage of air-conditioners and anything else your individual creative mind says.

I know saying ‘shut up’ is not the language for a young girl like me but hey, not everyone listens to “all cupcakes and rainbows”. There should be some thunder and lightning for people to get up on their feet and act and join Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old environmental activist.

Greta Tunberg ( Google )
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Little Rishab is a spiderman fan but also likes all superheroes who save the world. He is only 7 years old but has big dreams for the world. The spelling errors in the article are kept as it is, to retain originality.

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees, for they have no tongues. WHY? are you cutting down my trees? You are polluting the world! Stop or else everyone in the world will die.

Do not buy plastic as plastic is non- biodegradable.

STOP!!!! putting rubbish on the pathways and roads, put them in the bin!!!

If we construct more bildings you’le have to cut down more trees.

Construct them in a place where there are no trees, then we can have more trees and more bildings.

If it is a short distence don’t use a car, go walking.

If we throw rubbish in the river darker and smeller then one day it will all end up in the sea.

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Rishabh Hari Menon, Paramatta Public School, Sydney