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MENTAL HEALTH is important!

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When you first see or hear the word mental health, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

There is a lot of stigma attached to even talking about mental health. It’s a taboo and so people hide their problems.

Mental health can include many things like daily emotions. Sometimes they can turn negative, leaving you feeling trapped.

You feel really stressed out some times. Then slowly you feel relieved when you sit back and relax. Ways of relaxing change form person to person.

Ever felt like a stream of negative thoughts that keeps flowing through your mind and you can’t seem to stay focused in school or at work? This sometimes may not leave your back even when you try to relax like how you normally do.

That might be because you are going through some very hard times like depression, anxiety etc.

You may feel better after talking to someone. It can be your friend, parents, a counselor etc. or you may be able to take your mind off it like playing a sport, dancing, listening to songs or just about anything you enjoy doing.

If you feel you cannot bring yourself to doing that, you need to take medical help. Forget what people might think. You simply have to go get help. You have to do that because you might just realize that you have the potential to help someone else.

So remember mental health is as important as physical health. Keep taking breaks when you need it. It will affect you really bad if you don’t.




I am 13 years old and love public speaking, dancing & I enjoy listening and singing songs.

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