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5 things to do during vacation

Learn a new skill

A short course , a summer camp, or learning cooking from mom; a skill to enhance your personality. Enjoy your constructive use of time.

Get to know people

You may not have time during regular days to walk up to the nearby hawker, or postoffice or temple priest for a chat. Getting to know people is a cool way to belong to a place, to leave it and then feel like you are home when you return.

Explore an unfamiliar place

Get your mind working, by navigating through an unfamiliar place with maps or by asking for directions.

Take up a project

Take up a new project or work on an old one but tinkering , breaking apart and building something on your own. This can be worth more than classroom learning

Visit the elderly in your family

Put a smile on some frail and wrinkled faces. They can be absolutely beautiful to witness. Enquire after their health and tell them some ‘new world’ stories. Help them bridge the gap between new and old.



I am 12 years old and love public speaking ,dancing & I enjoy listening and singing songs.

2 thoughts on “5 things to do during vacation

  1. HI Ananya,

    You seem to enjoying your summer vacations. When are we going to read your own experiences as eloquently put forth above?

    Looking forward.


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