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Guess Who?

Recipient of the Dronacharya Award, she made her debut in the Indian National Hockey Team at the age of 14. She started her journey as the daughter of a cart-puller.

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Guess who?

At the age of 23, she did what many young women aspire to do. She gave up her corporate job for traveling around the word. She is a deliberate slow- paced adventurer who likes to savour every experience and ‘ feel’ every place to the fullest..

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So lets go and catch a glimpse of what I have got for you!

Hey guys!we meet again last time I came up with some gift ideas. Today I have come up with some summer tips.

1 Keep yourself HYDRATED :I am pretty sure that most of you don’t hydrate yourself effectively ( including me😜) but procrastinating on this can be dangerous. The heat can evaporate the water in your body ,sometimes a little too much, which can make you ill.It isn’t necessary to only drink water. You can also enjoy some juicy fruits and vegetables, fresh juice and so on.

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2 Eat Fresh! : There are many children out there who don’t really like eating fruits but I can help you handle that.

  • mash a few frites and cut some
  • put them in popsicle molds/ plastic cup
  • add any type of yoghurt
  • put the popsicle stick/ barbecue stick
  • put in freezer overnight
  • The next day you have tasty and healthy treat.

You can blend them and make fresh juice, but if you like fruits then go ahead and make space for fruits of all colours on your plate.

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3 TRANSFORM ACTIVITIES INTO EXERCISE: Don’t be lazy go out .Make daily activities in to an exercise routine like, going to the park and going to the mall by taking the long route and using the stairs. You can go for a ride with friends and family on a bike, maybe you could even add a few stretches on the way.

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4 Stay Cool: Since it is very hot, it is necessary to keep yourself cool. For this we should wear light coloured dresses. Go to the near by neighborhood pool and local air conditioned attraction ,so that your body stays cool and you can enjoy.

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Sleep Well: To top it all everyone should sleep well.Sleeping plays a vital part in our life; it is required for proper growth and important for a healthy life. It is important to get the right amount of sleep. It helps in protecting our mental and physical health and quality of life.

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This is all for now.I will be back with more tips so until then ,bye!

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Dinosaurus Quiz

1.Dinosaurs belonged to which group of animals ?

a. Reptiles b. Amphibians c. Mammals

2. Which of these groups of people most likely to study dinosaurs ?

a. Palaeontologists b. Archaeologists c. Architects

3. Which of these present day animals descended from dinosaurs

a. Frog b. Alligator c. Hummingbird

4. Where is the Dinosaur National Monument ?

a. Eastern Montana b. Northeastern China c. Colorado and Utah

5. Which one among the following is not a dinosaurs ?

a. Tyrannosaurs b. Stegosaurus c. Pterodactyls

6. What group of dinosaurs are characterised by a long sickle-shaped claw on the second toe ?

a. Dromaeosaurs b. Hadrosaurs c. Sauropods

7. Which dinosaur likely hunted in packs ?

a. Spinosaurus b. Ankylosaurus c. Deinonychus

8. What is the name of the smallest dinosaurs yet discovered ?

a. Microraptor b. Compsognathus c. Maiasaura

9. How did Oryctodromeus cubicularis escape from predators ?

a. By shooting venom b. By digging burrows c. By running at high speed

10. What does the word ‘dinosaur’ mean ?

a. Fearfully great lizard b. Ancient beast c. The king of animals

If you know the answers please share it in the comment section πŸ˜€.

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Guess who?

Bought up in an environment that was always close to nature, she grew up to be a physicist at first, who then later became an advocate for the preservation of living resources. She has authored more than twenty books, among them being ones on ‘Chipko movement’, the ‘Green revolution’ and Vedic ecology.


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Guess who?

He grew up in Chennai, India. He travelled on a plane for the first time after his graduation from IIT-Kharagpur, when he went to Stanford, one of the most prestigious universities in America, for further studies.

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