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SOUTH KOREA: My Favourite Destination

Quite a few factors play a vital role in deciding an ideal destination to visit. It could be the scenery, the people, the culture or even the monuments. I stumbled upon such a place rich in all these making it my favourite destination – South Korea.

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South Korea was not how I really imagined it to be. I thought the experience would be nothing out of the ordinary. I was dumbstruck after having experienced its beauty. To begin with I loved the temperature. It is extremely cold at certain times of the year. The feeling of the of the chilly wind blowing across my face, a shiver running through my spine while viewing the aesthetic scenery is something that took me to a whole new world. The weather itself makes this East Asian nation wonderful. Besides the weather, the food is just great. Walking down the street is troubling with my mouth watering from the aroma of all the delicious delicacies. The mix of spiciness, sweetness and saltiness makes it stand out of the ordinary. The bibimbap, the signature dish of South Korea is one such extraordinary snack.

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What fascinated me the most was the city of Seoul at night. An array of brightly lit colours lined up the streets. There was literally no darkness.

It was amazing.

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Glancing at the city from the Namsam Tower filled me with awe. The lighted city is just beautiful. In addition to this beauty a light music is played throughout the night. Is it not just romantic? Apart from this, there are countless tourist places to visit. The architecture of buildings and parks is dazzling. The vibrant Korean pop music with the culturally enriched folk village and the National Park makes it a place churned with a completely different atmosphere filled with breath-taking tourist attractions. South Korea is a balanced country which is proud of its cultural past and innovative future. Making it my most favourite destination and the most special for me is having the worlds fastest internet connection speed. Something I didn’t believe the first time I heard so but it is true. That is the best. The nation is well advanced in technology as well as innovation making it a Global Leader in this field. Technology is something that has always intrigued me. Finally having to arrive at a place flowing with technological innovation has made me fall in love.

The scenic beauty, the chilly weather, the mesmerizing tourist attractions, the mouth-watering food, the cultural past and the hospitality received from the people made it my most favorite and ideal destination to visit. I promise it won’t be a trip you will regret in the end.

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The new dawn of the 21st century has produced a modern society with a broader mindset to accept a little change in life. Many systems of the medieval century such as slavery have been abolished for the betterment of the society due to many open minded and willing group of activists. Its high time yet another system be changed to accommodate the mindset of this modern society. One such system of justice which made many people especially human rights activists to raise their voices for true justice to be served in the practice of capital punishment or rather say death penalty. Is justice really passed by executing the convict? Is there a possibility where the innocent is accused and killed? .

Since the beginning of civilizations until the 19th century, execution was the only means to of justice. As centuries passed the advent of prisons led to a decrease in these executions. So its quite the time that we abolish death penalty as we now know in this century that its not the the best form of justice. The only thing you are doing with a death penalty is doing another unjust act by taking a life, the stains it leaves on that society can never be washed away. We don’t steal from the thieves nor do we rape the rapers, so then why execute the murderers.

One might often ask, Why should death penalty be abolished if the criminal if being punished? How is there any injustice when you put the guilty for a trial?

Firstly, capital punishment should be abolished because its a bloody act of violence which violates one of the most basic human right, the right to life. How can such a cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment even be a part of justice? Secondly, our history has proven a lot. There were many instances where death penalties were carried out at random, a miscarriage in justice occurred and even juvenile offenders were executed.

In the 15000 to 16000 homicides in the US only 120 people were executed, all chosen at random. There were times when people were killed just because of whom they love. Many were killed for being a part of the LGBT community. Innumerable innocents were sentenced to death for someone else’s crimes, since he was executed it couldn’t be reversed. Only if he was imprisoned would he have a chance to have another life. But one of the biggest sins committed was of executing juvenile offenders. The youngest ever was a new born infant having being born during the mothers execution for heresy.. I was startled to have heard such an incident. How could the people kill a new born infant who wasn’t even aware of the world around him? How could the people not find the compassion for an innocent wailing soul? What was most astonishing was that the priests themselves approved for this inhumane act which almost every religion is against.

You can’t really weep about the past, the only thing to do is change the future. Many countries have eradicated capital punishment for juvenile offenders and instead they are given counselling and jail time according to their crimes.

Another reason to abolish death penalty is because of the injustice by discrimination, many a times the lower class people would receive a death penalty than upper class people. Researchers in the US have proved that the white American community is more likely support to support death penalty if it’s applied to an African American.

It has also been proved that the countries with a high death penalty also have a high crime rate, thus proving its ineffectiveness. One other unnoticed point is that a huge amount of money could is saved by just abolishing death penalty. In the state of Oregon, US, it is estimated that $2.3 million could be saved by exterminating the practice of capital punishment. This amount could be diverted for the assistance and counseling of the affected families.

So don’t you think such a brutal, unjust and immoral act should be abolished completely? But the problem comes here. If death penalty is abolished then won’t some people escape after committing a brutal crime such as mass murder? Won’t people take advantage of this system?

Thus, I don’t support a complete abolishment of capital punishment. Fear has to be instated in the people so that they will think twice before committing a crime. I believe that death penalty should be given to those who have committed a crime which has affected a society as a whole such a massacre or bombing. Capital punishment should be abolished for crimes such as espionage or financial crimes and jail time should be given instead. In 1945, at the first attempts of abolishing capital punishment only 8 nations signed for so. Progress has been noticed ever since, the number of countries to abolish death penalty have increased while the number of penalties have came down drastically. The UN states that as of 2017 “some 170 states  have abolished or introduced a moratorium on the death penalty either in law or in practice or have suspended execution for more than a decade.”  China , for example has had a decrease in death penalties from 12,000 in 2002 to 3000 in 2012, this sure is a great sign of improvement. In 2017, at least 2591 death sentences were recorded in 53 countries, a change from previous occurring.

Certainly a universal abolishment on death penalty can be attained. While an alternative for this inhumane form of justice could be found such as life imprisonment for certain crimes.  The death penalty is just the easy way out, it’s the option to kill the single problem committed by a few people only. According to me the best alternative is  imprisonment, the prisoners should be taught a skill such as tailoring and other handicraft work so that they receive a second chance in life. By doing this the society will also be benefited.

We have already come a long way; this reflects a greater international recognition of the state of human rights. It’s high time for new age to emerge with new amendments to abolish capital punishment