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SOUTH KOREA: My Favourite Destination

Quite a few factors play a vital role in deciding an ideal destination to visit. It could be the scenery, the people, the culture or even the monuments. I stumbled upon such a place rich in all these making it my favourite destination – South Korea.

Photo by Ethan Brooke

South Korea was not how I really imagined it to be. I thought the experience would be nothing out of the ordinary. I was dumbstruck after having experienced its beauty. To begin with I loved the temperature. It is extremely cold at certain times of the year. The feeling of the of the chilly wind blowing across my face, a shiver running through my spine while viewing the aesthetic scenery is something that took me to a whole new world. The weather itself makes this East Asian nation wonderful. Besides the weather, the food is just great. Walking down the street is troubling with my mouth watering from the aroma of all the delicious delicacies. The mix of spiciness, sweetness and saltiness makes it stand out of the ordinary. The bibimbap, the signature dish of South Korea is one such extraordinary snack.

Photo by Ethan Brooke on

What fascinated me the most was the city of Seoul at night. An array of brightly lit colours lined up the streets. There was literally no darkness.

It was amazing.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

Glancing at the city from the Namsam Tower filled me with awe. The lighted city is just beautiful. In addition to this beauty a light music is played throughout the night. Is it not just romantic? Apart from this, there are countless tourist places to visit. The architecture of buildings and parks is dazzling. The vibrant Korean pop music with the culturally enriched folk village and the National Park makes it a place churned with a completely different atmosphere filled with breath-taking tourist attractions. South Korea is a balanced country which is proud of its cultural past and innovative future. Making it my most favourite destination and the most special for me is having the worlds fastest internet connection speed. Something I didn’t believe the first time I heard so but it is true. That is the best. The nation is well advanced in technology as well as innovation making it a Global Leader in this field. Technology is something that has always intrigued me. Finally having to arrive at a place flowing with technological innovation has made me fall in love.

The scenic beauty, the chilly weather, the mesmerizing tourist attractions, the mouth-watering food, the cultural past and the hospitality received from the people made it my most favorite and ideal destination to visit. I promise it won’t be a trip you will regret in the end.

Photo by James Lucian on

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