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Little Red Riding

There was a girl called Red Riding,   

who kept hiding from the big bad wolf.

From bush to bush she kept gliding,   

while eating her muffin half.  

One day she went to the forest,

to nature’s wild garden.

Filled with “soulful and purest creatures”,      

I’m sure you realised that was a burden.       

With care she plucked flowers for granny, 

As she was sick. 

Thinking it would make her a happy,  

Real quick.

When she reached she was shocked to see,

Her granny with the wolf, having tea !         

– Lakshmi Sujesh Nair, Grade 9

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I am a 14 year old girl who loves to travels to many places and explore more about cultures, languages, countries and many more. I also love exploring the sea and going for trekking. I will be one of the contributors to the environment.

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