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Little Red Riding

There was a girl called Red Riding,   

who kept hiding from the big bad wolf.

From bush to bush she kept gliding,   

while eating her muffin half.  

One day she went to the forest,

to nature’s wild garden.

Filled with “soulful and purest creatures”,      

I’m sure you realised that was a burden.       

With care she plucked flowers for granny, 

As she was sick. 

Thinking it would make her a happy,  

Real quick.

When she reached she was shocked to see,

Her granny with the wolf, having tea !         

– Lakshmi Sujesh Nair, Grade 9

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China is a captivating country, with immemorial cultures and a rich history. It is also known for its massive population that’s around 1.3 billion making it the most populated country in the world. Traveling to China with my friends is one of the best experience I have had.

Few of the famous things in China are :

  • Noddles
  • Martial arts
  • Great Wall of China

We have gone to 2 cities in China, one is Beijing and Shanghai. Here are few of the places we went in Beijing.

Science and Technology Museum

Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square is a city square in the centre of Beijing, China and Forbidden City is a palace complex in central Beijing, China.

Silk Factory

There are a lot of silk factories around Beijing, but the one we went to was in : Minzuyuan Rd, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China.

Great Wall Of China

One of the seven wonders of the world.

Well, there was a lot of walking to do in very hot conditions. We went in June which probably was not the best time to visit. However, what’s important is that the trip was worth every effort.

If you are planning a visit to China, make sure you buy a local sim card for your phone or use the wifi while at the hotel. There are some heavy restrictions on the kind of internet we are used to. Most people use Wechat, a chinese messaging app. For more info on this check out here . Let me know if you found this useful.

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The Perfect Day

Its June! so that means its SUMMER TIME ! All the Beach lovers would love to spend their whole day in the beach, having the time of their lives (including me). So here is a song I have written to all people who haven’t thought of going to the beach.

The Perfect Day

Ooooohhh I am on the seaside,

where all is in the bright side.

Ooooohhhh ala la la la,

All I got to do is live it all.

So, I wonder what i’ll call this day ?

I’ll call it a perfect day,

where summer has just began.

It’s just the perfect day,

in the never-ending summer.

The sand is shining in the sun.

The waters are cool, fresh and blue

And children playing in the sand,

who are tanned up in the summer sun.

The day is great, even the night.

There’s a party at night till straight midnight.

Wonder what you will call this day ?

You could call it a perfect day,

where fun has just began.

It’s just the perfect day,

in a never ending summer.

And that’s a song for the summer times. Hope you like it 😀.

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WFUNA International Model United Nation (WIMUN)

Hi Everyone . You know, I recently got an opportunity to take part in the Model United Nation (MUN) which happened in India. For people who don’t know, A Model United Nation is stimulation of the ‘REAL’ United Nation Organisation.

It was one of the best experience in my life . I really got to feel what it is like to be a delegate sitting and creating one resolution for all the nations and working together as one. Got to meet different people in the from various countries (mainly from India). The MUN was held in Agra, Jaypee Hotel. The simulation has also taken place in different countries like New York, Brazil, Thailand, UAE etc.

Today I am going to give you a some information that will be helpful in a simulation .

Simulation is done in for 3 bodies

a. The United Nation General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the main body of the United Nation and there are 6 other committee :

  • First Committee
  • Second Committee
  • Third Committee
  • Fourth Committee
  • Fifth Committee
  • Sixth Committee
note that this picture is not the Model United Nations. It is the real picture of the United Nation

b. The United Nation Security Council (SC)

c. The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

There are more organs in the UN, but only 3 of these organs have been used in the MUN.

In the MUN people represents country based on their agenda / topic and bring forth their issues faced by the country. To solve all the problems of each and every nation, the delegates create a resolution so that all the countries can agree to it with their own will.

To address the country’s issues it is necessary to create a speech for 1 minute. The speech is usually done in the first committee session.

position paper

To tell the speech in your committee session is your choice. If you want address the your country’s issue to your fellow delegates it is necessary to submit a position paper

That all for today. Want to know more about MUN and UN ? Come see my next post in June.

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Dinosaurus Quiz

1.Dinosaurs belonged to which group of animals ?

a. Reptiles b. Amphibians c. Mammals

2. Which of these groups of people most likely to study dinosaurs ?

a. Palaeontologists b. Archaeologists c. Architects

3. Which of these present day animals descended from dinosaurs

a. Frog b. Alligator c. Hummingbird

4. Where is the Dinosaur National Monument ?

a. Eastern Montana b. Northeastern China c. Colorado and Utah

5. Which one among the following is not a dinosaurs ?

a. Tyrannosaurs b. Stegosaurus c. Pterodactyls

6. What group of dinosaurs are characterised by a long sickle-shaped claw on the second toe ?

a. Dromaeosaurs b. Hadrosaurs c. Sauropods

7. Which dinosaur likely hunted in packs ?

a. Spinosaurus b. Ankylosaurus c. Deinonychus

8. What is the name of the smallest dinosaurs yet discovered ?

a. Microraptor b. Compsognathus c. Maiasaura

9. How did Oryctodromeus cubicularis escape from predators ?

a. By shooting venom b. By digging burrows c. By running at high speed

10. What does the word ‘dinosaur’ mean ?

a. Fearfully great lizard b. Ancient beast c. The king of animals

If you know the answers please share it in the comment section 😀.

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Sri Lanka

Little Banyan Tree Kids

Sri Lanka, a breathtaking place with unique cultures, traditions, people and places like none other. There is something to interest everyone here and to make everyone feel like home. Coming to Sri Lanka for me was an unforgettable experience and this place will always be in my heart.

The few most famous thing of Sri Lanka are :

  • Tea
  • Elephants
  • Wooden carvings
  • Antiques

My family and I first arrived at Columbo airport. Actually we didn’t explore Columbo, though we visited a lot of other places in Sri Lanka.

The CaveTemple

This temple is located in Dambulla, a large town, situated at Matale District in the north-east of Columbo. The most famous place to visit in Dambulla is the “Cave Temple”.There are a lot of stairs to climb, to reach the cave temple which is like is on top of a mountain. Inside there are a lot of statues of…

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a breathtaking place with unique cultures, traditions, people and places like none other. There is something to interest everyone here and to make everyone feel like home. Coming to Sri Lanka for me was an unforgettable experience and this place will always be in my heart. 

The few most famous thing of Sri Lanka are :

  • Tea
  • Elephants
  • Wooden carvings
  • Antiques

My family and I first arrived at Columbo airport. Actually we didn’t explore Columbo, though we visited a lot of other places in Sri Lanka.

The Cave Temple

This temple is located in Dambulla, a large town, situated at Matale District in the north-east of Columbo. The most famous place to visit in Dambulla is the “Cave Temple”. There are a lot of stairs to climb, to reach the cave temple which is like is on top of a mountain. Inside there are a lot of statues of Lord Buddha varying from different sizes. There is a lot of Sinhala art, sculptures and a few inscriptions. This rock temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site. On top of the mountain, the ambience is amazing. And If you guys visit temples in Sri Lanka, its best you carry a Lungi or just don’t wear shorts.

The temple compound
Inside the temple


This ancient rock fortress located in Matale district near the town of Dambulla. Below the rock, there are a lot of gardens, reservoirs, greenery and statues. This rock is nearly 200 metres high. It is best if people who have Acrophobia don’t climb this rock. To climb this 200 metres rock you need to climb a long line of steep stairs to reach on top. At the time when I was climbing, it felt like the stairs would never end. On reaching the very top of the mountain though is just worth taking all the effort. The view on top of the mountain is just splendid, it felt like I was just somewhere else. Atop were ruins of a fort and ancient pools. This is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Rock from ground view
Lion statue
Ruins of the fortress
ancient pool

Lanka Thilaka

This is an ancient buddhist temple situated in Udunuwara of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Even though this is a buddhist temple there are a few Hindu god statues. Even the temple has a South Indian structure.

The Brass plate is from an antique shop. The fisherman and the secret box is bought from a wood carving shop. Both the shops are next to Lanka Thilaka Temple.
The sword from the antique shop and the wood carving of an elephant from a wood carving shop. Both the shops are next to the Lanka Thilaka temple
Lord Buddha
South Indian style temple
Me, my mom and my sister

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

This Buddhist temple is located in Kandy. This temple houses the sacred tooth of Lord Buddha. Since ancient times, the relic has played an important role in local politics because it is believed that whoever holds the relic holds the governance of the country. Kandy was the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings and is also a World Heritage Site mainly due to the temple. The temple has a beautiful structure with white walls. the temple has a lot of stored remains of the ancient times, paintings, beautiful interior and exterior decorations and more. There are a few areas where taking photos is prohibited. The tooth is only displayed 3 times a day at different timings. But sadly we couldn’t go see it since we were all tired and we needed some rest.

A statue in front of a museum
Inside the temple

Nuwara Eliya

The city in the tea hills of central Sri Lanka. Also know as “Little England”. It’s place is filled tea hills. Even organic food is grown here. Things to do in Nuwara Eliya –

  • Go to lake Gregory
  • Visit a tea factory
  • Visit Bale Bazaar
  • Enjoy a stroll in Victoria Park

There are a lot more to do in Nuwara Eliya. But the main thing we did there was sit and relax at the hotel.

Tea Powder
The place I stayed.


It’s a beautiful place and one look at you will fall in love with this place. It has a lot greenery with free roaming monkeys around. This place is filled tourists due to popular attraction know as Adam’s Peak. A lot of people go for trekking here. But we didn’t get to go there since my little sister could easily get tired. Then went to Ravana Falls. It is one of the biggest waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Ravana Falls


It is mainly famous for its National Park. There are lot of animals in the park.

Beautiful view in the park
Bird sanctuary


This town is located on the south coast of Sri Lanka. It’s were all sea lovers come to surf, swim, sunbath or do other activities. This place is popular to many European people who maybe surf crazy or love to relax on the sunny beach. One of the activities we did was whale watching. We go some wonderful pictures of blue whale and dolphins.

blue whale

The main thing I liked to do in Sri Lanka was to roam in different shops looking at different things which the shopkeepers were selling and compared to the country I come from, Sri Lanka is far more easier to do shopping while many items are sold in the cheapest price.

If you haven’t come to Sri Lanka then you must make sure to visit there. I can guarantee you this place is worth seeing.

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Is Social media 😈 ?

This post is dedicated to few of my old friends who had trouble with social media.

Social Media

Some of you may think that “what’s up with this title !”. I am not saying that social media is evil, but the way we use it causes trouble. Today I’m expressing my point of view on this topic.

Social media’s a brilliant innovation to our society. It has a dark side, but it’s normal that all things have a darker side. What’s important is how to control or use it. 

Social Media has a lot of positives and negatives. Lets start with some of the positives of social media.

  • Communicate to your loved ones and friends.
  • Can connect to people who lives far away.
  • Helps in expanding business.
  • Easier to extract information.
  • Spread in Ads and peaceful messages and more.

Now the negative of Social Media

  • Have a poor mental and physical health.
  • Cyberbullying
  • Having a fear missing out any experience.
  • Unrealistic expectations in life.
  • Addiction

Anyway, the main point to my topic is just arriving

The start of using social media negatively begins when people don’t have a substitute for spending time. When people are tired of their work or bored they start to use social media. Some other people when they feel low or highly positive they immediately go to social media.

This will be quite common in a lot of places

Like these situation causes themselves to get distracted from the work they do. In most of the houses I see people complete there work in hurry just to chat with their friends and most of their works aren’t done properly.

Overuse of social media will mostly cause.

  • The believing that others are more popular due to the most number of “friends” or “followers” they have.
  • Lack of “likes” to your post, resulting in feelings of disappointment.
  • Seeing pictures of happy people enjoying their lives, which creates sadness and jealousy because your life doesn’t seem as grand.
  • Lack of self confidence and more.

It is necessary to limit the usage of social media. Its a beautiful creation made by mankind which not be used to harm or destroy what we already have.

Misuse of Social Media

The other big problem is a lot of people misuse social media. They post bad pictures, abusive comments and more. They waste half of their time on things which aren’t beneficial.

One of friends had a similar situation this of ‘misusing social media’ in her class.

A lot of my classmates use social media like Snap chat, Facebook, Instagram and more. The most popular social media used in our class was Instagram. I have never used Instagram in life but others used. They kept on talking about how many likes they have, asking everyone to follow them on Instagram etc. But a few days a before my class and grade 7 had a meeting with the Vice Principal and the Principal of our school. The meeting was related to some children who have been using inappropriate language and disrespecting other parents. The V.P and the Principal to action by suspending the children who have been involved in this mess for 2 days. The Teachers and Principal gave us this situation as a warning for the other students

Anika, 2018

Its a good thing that the teachers took some action.

Cyberbullying is also getting common these days. People torturing or hurting other people. What is this! We aren’t living in a jungle. Its a shame that people torment each other.

Here are a few tips for people who are being cyberbullied

  • Inform to an elder person
  • Provide evidence
  • Take action
  • Protect your accounts

Lets all start working towards helping other people to rise up than hurt each other.


Sure, the full-wide could be using even more than this.

Its not to late to make a difference in this world. We still have time but we have to act quick since time waits for none.

Lets do more recreational activities than spending time chasing with your friends the phone.

Lets all work together and build awareness around the people. Lets not spoil this great innovation made by mankind spoil us.


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Basics of Sailing

Sailing is not that easy. It takes the passion, will and determination to surpass many obstacles while sailing. Those who have the interest to sail will easily be able to sail.

It has been my dad’s dream to sail through the horizon and around the world. These past few days, he only been talking about sailing, how to sail, buy a Catamaran (a type of yacht)………… . That were I got the idea of todays topic.

During my winter vacations, I and my dad had gone for a sailing course in Al Mouj in Oman. The sailing course was in a resort known as Waves. If your planning to sail in the coming future it is always best to book online for sailing sessions. To find out more about the sailing courses, please visit –

Now for the basics of sailing

Parts of a Boat

I know, there are quite a lot of parts for a boat but the main parts of a simple boat is in the single hander boat in the image.


  • No-go zone – To sail yachts, wind is essential. The no-go one is a area where the boat won’t be able to sail if the wind is against the boat.
  • Reach – Reach is area were the yacht can sail the fastest.
The credit for this picture goes to –

Thats all for today. Want to more basics of sailing check out for next month issue, until then see you later 👋🏽👋🏽

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How do you celebrate CHRISTMAS?

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. It is a global festival that even non-Christ Christmas is celebrated all over the world. In middle-east and the Indian subcontinent, it is subdued when compared to the Christian countries of the world. Many people from this part of the world think that Christmas is popular because of the over influence of some of the powerful Christian countries over the rest of the world.

However, kids really don’t care about all that. They like having fun when there is an opportunity at hand.

Some of the things I love about Christmas

The decorated stores and houses

Each time I go for a walk, I get excited to see the different decorations done in some houses and the stores. Once I saw a huge peacock made out of paper stuck on a pole in a man’s balcony. The best part of the store decorations are the huge Christmas trees , all shiny and glittery in silver red and gold. There is usually a lot of red hues everywhere.

The star in the porch

Go to Kerala and you will see a star light  in most of the houses, including those of non christians. There is simply no religion when it comes to the star. All kids love it and look forward to getting it hung in the porches.

The plastic Christmas tree

I see in movies the lovely Christmas trees cut fresh and brought into houses. I love all the Christmas movies like  Frozen 2, my favourite is Home Alone. Here in Oman, however, we have no choice but to buy plastic Christmas trees of different sizes. Some them look real too.


Who does not like gifts? When it comes to gifts, we children go hyper! Some of the non Christian kids get invited to the Christian homes to celebrate together with their families. It’s a great way to learn and exchange knowledge on the great things of different cultures.

Butter chicken 

A roasted chicken is perhaps more traditional, but we kids simply love Butter Chicken and what other day to choose to enjoy it than Christmas!!!

Cakes, pastries

Cakes and pastries too are synonymous with Christmas but I see that people around here love plum cakes. Every baker stocks his store with lots of them.

Christmas carols

Every year , bands and carols go over to homes to spread the message of Christmas. It’s the most lively time where everyone is smiling listening and enjoying their songs.

Santa Claus in a cheap mask

Ha ha there could be nothing more artificial than the several Santa Clauses in stores and at carol groups who wear the Santa’s red costume and horribly ill fitting plastic masks. They are fun though and kind hearted . I love all the Santas of the world. Lots of hugs to all of them.

Christmas parties

Yes, there are Christmas parties and several of them too except that we kids are never invited to the real fun ones at night. 

Christmas is also one of the festivals were people spend more time with their families. Families have dinner together, they shop and also travel around together.

This article was written by Ananya and Lakshmi