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Little Red Riding

There was a girl called Red Riding,   

who kept hiding from the big bad wolf.

From bush to bush she kept gliding,   

while eating her muffin half.  

One day she went to the forest,

to nature’s wild garden.

Filled with “soulful and purest creatures”,      

I’m sure you realised that was a burden.       

With care she plucked flowers for granny, 

As she was sick. 

Thinking it would make her a happy,  

Real quick.

When she reached she was shocked to see,

Her granny with the wolf, having tea !         

– Lakshmi Sujesh Nair, Grade 9

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Travel Pointers

Hey guys Im back with some new tips for you. This time I have come up with travel tips. When you are in a new country, it’s best to think like a local. Drop tourist guides and take time to explore!

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  • Move around in the available public transportation. Most cities have buses and taxis, but some developed cities like Singapore have great metro rain connectivity. You can get anywhere in no time.
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  • Go walking. It’s a great way to explore any place up close. Walk through local markets. It’s a great way to understand the people, what they eat, what they wear, and so forth. Talking to shopkeepers are fun as well as enlightening.
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  • Don’t be afraid to try local cuisine no matter how new you are to it. It’s quite possible that you won’t like it but you may also do too and want to add to your menu back home.
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  • Go street market shopping. Learn to bargain. You may sometimes end up getting quite surprised.

Well, that’s it. Make new friends. Stop doing what everyone does. While it’s quite useful to research on travelogues, do your own thing too.

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China is a captivating country, with immemorial cultures and a rich history. It is also known for its massive population that’s around 1.3 billion making it the most populated country in the world. Traveling to China with my friends is one of the best experience I have had.

Few of the famous things in China are :

  • Noddles
  • Martial arts
  • Great Wall of China

We have gone to 2 cities in China, one is Beijing and Shanghai. Here are few of the places we went in Beijing.

Science and Technology Museum

Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square is a city square in the centre of Beijing, China and Forbidden City is a palace complex in central Beijing, China.

Silk Factory

There are a lot of silk factories around Beijing, but the one we went to was in : Minzuyuan Rd, Chaoyang Qu, Beijing Shi, China.

Great Wall Of China

One of the seven wonders of the world.

Well, there was a lot of walking to do in very hot conditions. We went in June which probably was not the best time to visit. However, what’s important is that the trip was worth every effort.

If you are planning a visit to China, make sure you buy a local sim card for your phone or use the wifi while at the hotel. There are some heavy restrictions on the kind of internet we are used to. Most people use Wechat, a chinese messaging app. For more info on this check out here . Let me know if you found this useful.

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A quick guide on the basics of Python

Most people who wish to learn a programming language often cannot find the time or lack the facilities or opportunities. For the past eight years or so, I’ve had such difficulties that obstructed me from mastering one. It wasn’t until last month that I could actually learn python and I figured that I could post some of the things that I learned in the form of a guide.

Before we start, know that a string is line of characters. example – “Hello”

So the first thing one must learn to do when learning a programming language is how to display text using python, i.e. we use the print() method

1 print("hello world")
2 print(23)  <-- the 23 if put like this ->("23") becomes a *string
3 print(2 + 3) 
4 print("2"+"3")<--(these nos. are nos. strings(gets *concatenated) 

1 Hello World
2 23 

You can assign word(s) or variables . They are called to display a certain string or integer etc.

1 text = " Hello World"
2 text = print("Hello World")

1 Hello World
2 Hello World

String concatenation is useful when you want to merge different strings together.

1 fruit = "Apples"
  statement = " are nice!"
  print (fruit + statement)

1 Apples are nice!

You can also put items in a list and pull out and add more as you go.

Here you have an empty list:

1 books = []

To add items to the list we use the .append method :

1 books = []
  books.append("Harry Potter")
  books.append("Wimpy Kid")

1 ["Harry Potter" , "Wimpy Kid"]

Another thing to keep in mind is that in a string or list for example ,every piece (word or no. etc) has it’s own index or position no. For example, in “Wimpy Kid” Both “Wimpy” and “Kid” have their own index no. Also remember that the count starts from 0 and not from 1 therefore “Wimpy” has the index no. 0 and so on. this can be applicable to just one word where index positions are alloted to specific characters and even in numericals. the index no. is given in this –> []

1 text = "Hello World"
2 word = "littlebanyantreekids"
3 number = 79936429
4 sentence = "You are awesome"

1 Hello
2 b
3 6
4 awesome

Index position [-1] is possible and is the last word character or numerical in the string or integer.

You can use index positions to get data from a list as well:

1 mylist = ["books","games","movies","programming"]   print(mylist[3]) 

1 programming

You can also pick up more than one item by adding a stop index to the start one , [0:2]. The first no. indicates which index position to begin from and the second indicated where it should stop. note, that the no. in the stop index is not counted therefore goes only up to but but excudes it therefore in this case only only index[0] and index[1] are taken and not index[2].

1 names = ['Sam', 'Bob', 'Adam', 'Alice'] 

1 ["Sam" , "Bob"]

When assigning a new list by picking entries from another list it is called slicing:

1 names = ['Sam', 'Bob', 'Adam', 'Alice'] 
 siblings = names[:2]

1 ["Sam" , "Bob"]

Here’s an example of how we can manipulate and play with numbers using lists

1 squares = [] 
  for number in range(1, 11): 
     squares.append(number**2)  <-------(indent is important)


What the code above implies is that : 1. squares is an empty list . For every number from a range of 1 to 11, square the number and append it to squares (the list).

List comprehensions are a shorter way but not necessarily most readable ways to create lists the objective if used is to minimise the space taken up by code:

1 squares = [number**2 for number in range(1, 11)]  


And that is all that we have for this months edition. More from me next month. I hope you found this useful . 🙂

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My friends and I found this adorable puppy at the front gate. We went to take a closer look. He was bit badly by other dogs 😢. We guessed he was hungry. We fed him milk. He drank it all up like he saw it for the first time😃.We named him Brownie since his fur is brown and he is as sweet as a brownie.Now every day we play with him and make sure he is well fed. That’s where we are right now. We hope the story does not end there though. He needs a vet. He needs a home.

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I made this piece of craft with quilling paper. This is known as Yin and Yang , a Chinese symbol originated in 3rd century B.C(or even before), which has its roots in Taoism. YIN is the black side with a white dot and YANG is the white side with a black dot in it .In Chinese philosophy , it has many meanings ,one of which is the concept of balancing bad and good .YIN is the dark/bad side and YANG is the bright/good side. This symbol simply shows us the balance of bad and good in everything ,i.e, bad always has good in it and good always has bad in it ,and they are dependent on each other(two sides of the same coin). In YIN lies YANG and in YANG lies YIN. This symbol altogether represents life.

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Guess who?

At the age of 23, she did what many young women aspire to do. She gave up her corporate job for traveling around the word. She is a deliberate slow- paced adventurer who likes to savour every experience and ‘ feel’ every place to the fullest..

@ The Shooting Star
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5 things to do during vacation

Learn a new skill

A short course , a summer camp, or learning cooking from mom; a skill to enhance your personality. Enjoy your constructive use of time.

Get to know people

You may not have time during regular days to walk up to the nearby hawker, or postoffice or temple priest for a chat. Getting to know people is a cool way to belong to a place, to leave it and then feel like you are home when you return.

Explore an unfamiliar place

Get your mind working, by navigating through an unfamiliar place with maps or by asking for directions.

Take up a project

Take up a new project or work on an old one but tinkering , breaking apart and building something on your own. This can be worth more than classroom learning

Visit the elderly in your family

Put a smile on some frail and wrinkled faces. They can be absolutely beautiful to witness. Enquire after their health and tell them some ‘new world’ stories. Help them bridge the gap between new and old.

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A world for LGBT

Life has never been easy, at least not for everyone. There has always been a community of people who have not been treated by the “equal eye” of others within the society. There has always been a lot of people who were not considered part of the general public as a whole. Years back in India for instance, it was the “Dalit community” that translates to “untouchable” in English. The name given to these people is self explanatory as to how much discrimination they faced. A pinch of religion here and there to spice it all up, making it even worse for those who were considered Dalit. Even the shadow of a Dalit was considered a bad omen if it were to fall on some one else (especially if he or she were brahmin). It didn’t take long for people to protest against this kind of discrimination and soon after India attained independence, people were granted equal rights and discrimination of caste would be a punishable offense. Moreover people were more than willing to to help people who face the brunt of poverty due to discrimination of caste and now have several NGOs for their aid. Nonetheless, discrimination has come around in many ways and one can agree that the LGBTQ community could be among one of the most discriminated lot of people in the world.

The abbreviation LGBT stands for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender. Although minority they are equally a part of our society. Not many people fall into this group and the people who do shouldn’t feel any lesser than those who don’t. No matter what their sexual orientation is, or their gender identity might be, they are still part of this society, or at least they should be. People don’t like what they don’t understand and being part of this minor community brings you to the top of the “hate list”.

The injustice and difficulties these people faced have been taken to a whole new level, and if someone were to go ahead and make a list of what these people faced, the list could go on endlessly. Violence for one is something that is now more or less common to those who fall under the LGBTQ community. Hate crimes against the LGBT individuals still exist across most parts of the world. In the U.S for example, one in five hate crimes that were committed were because of differences in sexual orientation, and another 2% of crimes were committed because of their gender identity. Every second citizen believes that homosexuality is a disease and every tenth, that one has the “wrong” sexual orientation must be rewarded with beatings. It was considered a greater shame if one’s child turned out to be gay, than if he ended up being a criminal or murderer. Being part of the LGBTQ community was sufficient enough to receive a “death sentence”. Young children were not very welcome at school and ended up being victims of bullies that targeted them just because they were different. There was a time when is some countries being part of the LGBTQ community made you legible for a capital punishment such as Death penalties.

Moreover, this was not the only way they were discriminated . One of the earliest and easiest ways society discriminated against LGBTQ people is via housing. In 2017, a study claims that gay men and transgender people are less likely to be shown apartments by landlords. In the united states, there are more states were there is no protection for people who come under this community when it comes to housing. There are around 28 states that legally allow people to deny housing whatever the reason can be. A survey says that about 75% of the people on average are shown lesser units when compared to others.

People who are a part of this society worry about not receiving proper medication. They worry about being mistreated, harassed, and denied service overnight. For example, there was this instance where a hospital denied a man who suffered from HIV, proper medication when they learnt that he was gay. A pediatrician refused to treat an ill infant just because she had same-sex parents.

People in the LGBT community also often go on without any employment. Offices refuse to employ them just because they had a different sexual orientation or gender identity. They fail to put it into their stereotypical minds that being different makes no difference on one’s performance and doesn’t mean that he or she don’t have the required skill set, and then deny them basic necessities.

There also existed if it doesn’t now, a hic-cup in the child adoption possibilities for LGBTQ couples. Same sex parents aren’t always given an opportunity to raise children by orphanages. They think that LGBT couples won’t be able to give as much care as the conventional couple would be able to give. Such thoughts are what make life hard for people who happened to fall under this community. Children of LGBT couples often find themselves in a difficult situation of ragging and bullying just because of the fact that their parents were different.

And it sure doesn’t end there. There is still a long way to go before they can be considered equal on a global scale. That said, people are now more than willing to help these people and change is more than evident when considering their condition even upto 10 years ago.

A new research from the Williams Institute at the UCLA school of law finds that the average acceptance and the rights of LGBT people have increased over the years. Researchers have developed a new ground-breaking measure of LGBT inclusion called the Global Acceptance Index. A lot can be expected to change if the living conditions of these people were to be considered normal in today’s world. Even if it may take years to find it’s way to normalcy there is still a ray of hope for them to have happier lives in the future. Support from world icons like Prince William certainly helps too.

The Guardian