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Want to know what happened so far? Find out here!!

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Gaming: All about Fortnite

So, gaming nowadays is a universe of its own. Well, you know what I mean!! But this game, Fortnite Battle Royale, it has just…whoa…like taken over the gaming galaxy!! Now from this picture, what can you depict Fortnite as?

Image result for fortnite

Well, as I know, Fortnite is a free-for-all video game in which basically when you start a match, it’s a whole map with 100 players per match and the last man standing wins. Also, there are a whole lot of Skins, like different costumes which you can purchase, like this one!

Image result for different skins fortnite

Well, these guys look cool, right!! Yeah, but you need In-Game Money, so-called V-Bucks. As we get more wins, we get more XP and we get more skilled at it.Β Many Streamers like Ninja, Lachlan, ToastedShoes etc play Fortnite on a daily basis. So nowadays, news channels like IGN, BBC etc.

So, guys, try playing this Game. Trust me, it is worth it.


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This piece of art is a Dreamcatcher . Dreamcatcher , it is obvious from the name that it helps in catching dreams . Now ,what kind of dreams ? is the actual question . Originated from the Ojibwe/Chippewa (in Canada) in the early 1900’s, it is a type of apotropaic/protective charms , created for the purpose of catching bad dreams and letting in the good dreams.

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Dinosaurus Quiz

1.Dinosaurs belonged to which group of animals ?

a. Reptiles b. Amphibians c. Mammals

2. Which of these groups of people most likely to study dinosaurs ?

a. Palaeontologists b. Archaeologists c. Architects

3. Which of these present day animals descended from dinosaurs

a. Frog b. Alligator c. Hummingbird

4. Where is the Dinosaur National Monument ?

a. Eastern Montana b. Northeastern China c. Colorado and Utah

5. Which one among the following is not a dinosaurs ?

a. Tyrannosaurs b. Stegosaurus c. Pterodactyls

6. What group of dinosaurs are characterised by a long sickle-shaped claw on the second toe ?

a. Dromaeosaurs b. Hadrosaurs c. Sauropods

7. Which dinosaur likely hunted in packs ?

a. Spinosaurus b. Ankylosaurus c. Deinonychus

8. What is the name of the smallest dinosaurs yet discovered ?

a. Microraptor b. Compsognathus c. Maiasaura

9. How did Oryctodromeus cubicularis escape from predators ?

a. By shooting venom b. By digging burrows c. By running at high speed

10. What does the word ‘dinosaur’ mean ?

a. Fearfully great lizard b. Ancient beast c. The king of animals

If you know the answers please share it in the comment section πŸ˜€.

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This movie is an Indian biographical sports film written and directed by Neeraj Pandey. This movie is about the former skipper of the Indian national cricket team in all the 3 formats Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This film stares Sushant Singh Rajput as Dhoni, along with Disha Patani and Kiara Advani in the lead role. This movie produced by fox star studios received the widest ever release for a Bollywood movie across 61 countries. The sound track of this film composed by Armaan Malik is soul-stirring and melodramatic. This is a main reason for this movie to become a huge box office hit. The plot of the movie is the hardships that Dhoni faces to get selected to the national cricket team of India and the way he leads his team as an example to victory. He wins the t20 world cup and then the ODI world cup in 2011 for his team. I loved this movie because the way the director took the film was amazing. He not only concentrated on Dhoni and his cricketing career but also gave importance to the emotional and dramatic scenes. This was one of the most amazing movie i have ever watched till now. I highly recommend you all to watch this awe-inspiring and stupendous film.

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It’s extremely important to know how to use any electronic device especially computers, because this could make a big effect on the environment also. These effects can be both good or bad depending on how responsible we are with are electronics.

  • Scheduling Your Computer Time

Reduces C.F.C’s and eye damage.

  • Controlling Your Computer Expenses

Saves money

  • Switching off the device completely when not in use

Reduces energy drainage and C.F.C’s.

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Review: Super Eraser

Little Banyan Tree

One boring Christmas morning, I opened up my gift.
With just one present left under the tree,
I once again grew solemn, and sad that we were poor.
Why were there never lovely gifts for me?

My gift was just a ruler, two pencils and two pens,
A small eraser and a pencil case.
My mom, who worked long hours, just wrapped me in her arms,
When she saw disappointment on my face.

β€œI’m sorry, Spud, I’m sorry. I wish we could have more,
But things have been a little tight this year.”
She held my arms so gently, a twinkle in her eye,
Then leaned back in and whispered in my ear:

β€œI think that the eraser, while looking fairly plain,
Is quite a bit more special than you think.
I won it in a raffle. It’s cutting-edge and smart.
It rubs out more than pencil lines and ink.”

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